ESB Science Blast

Every wondered if grapefruits can power a small light bulb? If listening to music can make cows produce more milk? Or why we don’t fall off roller coasters?

ESB Science Blast, delivered by the RDS, is a non-competitive programme for primary school classes from 4th – 6th (ROI) and Key Stage 2 (NI) that invites children to investigate the science behind a simple question that interests them from the world they inhabit.

Projects are whole class-led and collaborative, and participants are encouraged to think, wonder, investigate, create, design, explore the why behind the question – and in doing so they  learn invaluable new skills.

Participating schools exhibit their work at showcase events in Dublin, Limerick and Belfast, where they receive feedback from the team of expert judges and participate in science themed workshops and shows.

ESB Science Blast aims to  promote curiosity and critical thinking in children at primary school age to enable them to better respond to the challenges of the future.

2019 ESB Science Blast Events

To find out more about ESB Science Blast and see how you can get involved visit here.