About ESB Telecoms Ltd.

ESB Telecoms Ltd. is a wholesale telecommunications provider, bringing ​20 years of telecoms and electrical engineering experience to the industry. We own and operate an extensive telecoms network throughout Ireland with International fibre connectivity to the United Kingdom. 

ESB Telecoms Ltd. also owns and manages a portfolio of more than 400 telecommunications towers and sites nationwide. We provide transmission services for mobile and wireless operators, private communications companies and emergency services.

Our Product Portfolio


Management Team

Managing Director - Rory McGowan

Rory McGowan

Held a number of senior management positions in ESB and most recently as Head of Energy Trading. This appointment as Managing Director of ESB Telecoms coincides with the relocation of ESB Telecoms to ESB's new Innovation Directorate. Holds an MBA from Trinity College.

Sales and Marketing Manager - Gerry Noone

Gerry Noone

Telecoms experience across a number of commercial roles including customer management, sales, product and project management. Previously held positions in eircom Wholesale, Imagine Communications & Energia. Responsibility for new customer acquisition and retention.  

Asset and Governance Manager - Nicola Arthur

Nicola Arthur

Working in Telecoms Industry for over 15 years. Worked in various roles including planning, property asset management and site acquisitions. Currently responsible for governance, management of billing, licensing and planning teams within ESB Telecoms.

Business Development Manager - George Doherty

George Doherty

More than 30 years experience working in telecoms and utilities in Europe, Asia and Africa with ESB, Ericsson's, ABB and BT. Worked in various management roles from engineering to sales and marketing. Currently responsible for delivery of new strategy and business development opportunities.

Infrastructure Manager - Ronnie Horan

Ronnie Horan

Extensive experience in the telecoms industry in Ireland. Worked in various project management and line management roles, both in the internal ESB Telecoms business and in ESB Telecoms (ESBT). Currently responsible for Infrastructure in ESBT which includes the fibre, towers and safety teams.

Active Equipment Manager - Dermot Hopkins

Dermot Hopkins

More than 35 years in technical managerial roles in the telecoms industry nationally and internationally with Telectron, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Bosch Telekom, Meteor and ESB Telecoms (ESBT). Currently responsible for ESBT's telecom transmission network and associated inside plant. Leads the Active Equipment Engineering Team.