Lighting up one of Ireland’s largest retail chains

Working in partnership with BWG

As one of Ireland’s leading grocery wholesale and retail operators, BWG was seeking a collaborative partner to manage a lighting retrofit project across a number of its retail partner stores. As the group behind some of the country’s most recognised grocery convenience brands, BWG needed a partner they could trust to deliver at scale, and of providing site-specific solutions to its network of franchisees.

The Challenge

BWG needed an energy partner with the expertise and financing capabilities to deliver energy efficient lighting retrofits across a number of stores. The success of the project was contingent upon finding a solution that could be adapted to individual stores, and would deliver significant energy cost savings without compromising the customer experience.

We needed a lighting retrofit solution that would ensure our franchisees received value for money and cost savings, without compromising experience of their customers or employees.”

- Aidan Keane, Financial Director BWG

The Solution

130-store lighting retrofit, swapping out traditional systems for energy-efficient LED lighting which provides the new technology without the need for initial capital investment.

The Technology

Designed to reduce energy consumed by lighting by up to 70 per cent LED lighting generates less heat, requires less maintenance and doesn’t compromise the customer experience

The Results

  • 50-60% reduction in lighting energy costs per store
  • Energy consumption reduced by 3.8 GWh per year
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 1,400 tonnes